Review – The Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov

At the beginning of the year, I decided to give myself a little book challenge by working through 10 Books You Pretend to Have Read (And Why You Should Really Read Them) article posted in io9. Seeing Asimov’s Foundation listed right in there (and knowing I had one or two of them) seemed like a great place to start. Having devoured the first book rather quickly, I went ahead and read the original trilogy.

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Bitcoin for the Newcomer – Hope again

I’ve been on a long journey with Bitcoin. Having missed out in the really early days with my own mining setup, I started working with some faucet and cloud mining options about two years ago and shared my experience to get others on board. About a year ago, my quest came to an end, due to increasing mining costs increased competition. However, after some more digging and a general rise in the price of bitcoin, the newcomer and hobbyist may have an option to participate again. Continue reading


Freeform Friday 6

Visual Studio Code is looking to be my new text editor of choice for small to medium text wrangling. It’s free, fast, has an extensive extension library growing for it, and I can even do TypeScript, Node.js, and PHP debugging through it should I desire. It plays really nice with the .Net Core 1.0 stuff and I can launch things from the terminal/command prompt as well! Oh yeah, you can get it for OSX and Linux as well as Windows. Kudos Microsoft! Keep it up! Continue reading


Soup to Nuts: Custom Domains and SSL in IIS Express

Nowadays, nearly every site out there is using SSL, and for good reason. Security is on the rise and adding a little bit of protection to your site traffic is a good thing. Additionally, having a nice consistency in URL naming between your dev/staging/production environment is very handy. Here’s how you can set this up in Visual Studio and IIS Express. Continue reading