Review – Man Enough by Nate Pyle

Masculinity has struggled lately with what it’s definition is. From the entrepreneurial giant, to the rugged lone outdoor hunter, to the athleticly infused extreme sports junkie, to the effiminate “metrosexual”, men often don’t know who they are or what they should be. They often play the part of what they think they should be. Author Nate Pyle was in this predicament. As a young pastor, he admits that he didn’t really “feel” like a man until he was 31 years old, and that only occurred when he realized that he spent too much time putting on the “good man” show and was lonely as a result. He makes a great insight that “…more often than not, [masculinity is] defined by what it is not rather than by what it is.” “Man Enough: How Jesus Redefines Manhood” is a result of this journey, outlining our misconceptions and pointing us back not to a “true man”, but a “true human”, who is Jesus. Continue reading

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Inbox Mayhem – Subscription Check

I play a little game with myself when I’m on vacation. I don’t touch my e-mail. Not one bit. It helps that for most of the time I’m in an area where I get no cell reception, and I make sure not to connect to Wifi later. The result: 541 e-mails waiting for me when I got back home. The saddest part of this was that 97.38256% [umm yeah, highly calculated numbers there] of those e-mails were ones I never read anyway.

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