Quick Tip – Hydrate Before You Run

One thing I noticed early in my RAGNAR training was that I was getting some severe headaches after my runs, as well as some irritation around my eyes. We found out that the irritation was due to really high salt levels in my sweat. It turns out that it didn’t matter that I was hydrating well and replacing electrolytes after my run. I was running on a “dry engine” and to some extent overheating my body.

So I started having a glass or two of water before I went out on my runs. I was concerned at first about this since it was an early morning run (soon after waking) and that too much fluid in my stomach would give me stomach cramps during my run. I’ve had that problem before and I think it is worse than the problem I was facing.

It turns out the average body can handle a glass or two of fluid shortly before a run with no problems. I found that my “overheating” issue went away immediately, and I haven’t had any headaches since!

So take it from me, hydrate before you run! Continue reading “Quick Tip – Hydrate Before You Run”


Quick Tip: Grab your ConnectionStrings From the config file directly

Interesting little tidbit discovered today. I was debugging a helper method that took a connection string as an input parameter, so that it could create a simple SQL connection (no entity framework magic) in order to process things. Since there was some EF code and context already established, the original code was setup to pass the connection string from the existing context:


However, I was getting an error when connecting. A little digging brought to light the fact that when you pull the connection string in this manner, the password is omitted. I suspect for security purposes. That said, simply using the standard:


…will get you what you need. Continue reading “Quick Tip: Grab your ConnectionStrings From the config file directly”