Bitcoin Alert – HashOcean: Potential Scam

Considering I had a small mining rig going, and even made a recommendation, about this service, I felt it important to send out a quick note.

There have been reports that the HashOcean service is a big scam and has cut and run with their funds over the weekend. As of this morning I haven’t been able to login myself, and with my configuration set to not auto-payout, it’s hard to know for sure. Plenty of rumors are fast and furious, and a few “official” sources are saying it is just a hack, but time will tell.

For the moment, I can’t recommend HashOcean until I know for sure, and you should hold off too. Continue reading


Sixty-Seven Minutes

It’s amazing to think that this morning I was doing something continuously for over an hour non-stop. Sure I’ve cleaned out the garage, or chopped firewood, or done various chores, but to put your body in a continuous “stressful” state (apparently an average of 169 bpm on my heart rate sensor and I have some hills to verify it!) for that long is something I haven’t thought much about before. It’s amazing what the body can do, how we’re fearfully and wonderfully made, and how small changes (such as getting up and sticking to a routine) can lead to some amazing payouts after time. Running reminds me so much of the long game, of the benefits of self-discipline, self-examination, and of pacing that apply to the road, the trail, and to life. Continue reading