Getting Bamboo Build Notifications in Slack Using Zapier

Zapier to the rescue again!!! We’re using the Bamboo continuous integration platform that Atlassian provides to verify our unit tests are running before we submit pull requests. With 5 developers on a project, each touching different aspects of the code, having a solid unit test foundation is key. While “cloud” bamboo hosting has a variety of notification options, posting to a Slack channel is not one of them. However, this trick will get you running in no time.

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Unboxing and Initial Review – AcuRite 2032CRM Pro Weather Station

While I’m no meteorologist, I’ve always been a bit of a weather junkie. I love tracking the conditions of the moment, seeing how they affect the weather, and even taking a stab at forecasting how things will be for tomorrow. However, I’ve never had a weather station in order to track things at my house, until now. Thanks to some early birthday money, I’m now marking an item off my bucket list and tracking my weather with an AcuRite 5-in-1 Pro Weather Station. Here’s the initial unboxing and thoughts. Continue reading



I’m answering my own question today, but I’ve always been more parital to sunsets than sunrises. Admittedly I have an advantage of getting a great view of them from my deck (or roof) every day. For me, they allow me to reflect on what was done, and what can be done tomorrow. Sunsets remind me of another day accomplished, of uncountable things, little and big, that I am grateful for. They give me peace. Continue reading


Getting AppHarbor Build Messages in Slack using Zapier

As I’ve been working through my prayer journal app, one thing I’ve been working on is streamlining my internal processing when it comes to watching my code builds and other things. To do so, I’ve started using Slack, a great (and free) communications tool that has tons of hooks for various platforms. One of the things I wanted was to track the build status of my code deployments from BitBucket to AppHarbor. Sadly there aren’t any “predone” recipes out there. However, thanks to some details from a StackOverflow question, this is a lot easier than it seems. Continue reading