Something Old and New: Importing WordPress posts into Sitefinity

I can’t take too much credit for this, however, I made enough updates to the library that I felt it warranted a post.

If you’re migrating your blog from WordPress into Sitefinity, I’ve taken an existing tool (major HT to timw255) and modified it. I disabled some features with loading tags/metadata that caused errors. More importantly, I added the ability to have a “default” e-mail address, properly import the full image from the “thumbnail” images that WordPress typically uses, and cleaned up the summary field.

It’s on Github, so as they say, if you don’t like what I did, fork it and improve it yourself! 8^D

You can get the WordPress to Sitefinity tool here.

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Life Hack – Cutting Cold Butter

I take no credit for this! It’s all a HT to my wonderful wife, and it has helped out so many times now!

Don’t you hate cutting cold butter, especially once your bagel is ready? Sure you can pull out the stick at the same time you put the bagel in the toaster, but sometimes it isn’t soft enough.

Instead, put your knife over the “vent” of the toaster. It’ll get nice and warm while the bagel toasts, and cut through your butter like a lightsaber.

Problem solved!

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Quick Tip – Disable Windows 10 “Torrent” Updates

If you haven’t read about it already, Windows 10 came out with a new feature that allows you to download updates from other computers, either in your local network, or on the Internet. While this is a nice idea, enabling this feature (which it is by default) effectively makes your computer a node on a bittorrent type network. I have no issues with torrents in general, but I’m not too keen on the network traffic it starts to take up, nor any security ramifications there might be. Here’s how to disable it. Continue reading