T-Shaped Goals: Deeper and Wider

As I continue to mentor new and seasoned developers in their growth… Scratch that… As I continue to grow in my own career, one thing I’ve learned to embrace is the idea of the “generalized specialist” or the T-Shaped developer.

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A Decade of Photos

Ten years ago my kids were just starting to expire the world and go on hikes. Ten years ago Instagram was just getting off the ground, with no Android support. Sunsets and clouds still caught my imagination. A new job opened up some amazing opportunities to grow. My God, my family, and my desire to see the beauty in the small things in life remained constant. I’m not sure if I could adequately capture a decade of my favorite photos, but here’s a glimpse and excitement about the decade to come… Continue reading “A Decade of Photos”

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How I Hack Productivity – Google Calendar, Trello, Zapier

These days, I practically live and die by my calendar. I have a ton of meetings for projects, interviews, mentorship, and even a little coding. Being able to manage this and still feel productive has been a struggle as of late. Fortunately, I have my own Productivity Yoda here at the office! She’s been giving me a few guidelines and tricks and I have been running from there. I still have to work on the “making time” aspect of my work, but I have gotten a great handle on “managing time” aspect of my work and here’s how I’m doing it.

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Leadership: Finding Somebody New

Finding somebody new can be a really tricky process. Recently I’ve been through a wave of interviews with various candidate, and I have a renewed respect for recruiters and HR personnel that handle this process on a day to day basis. How can you evaluate skill, character, fit, and so much more in such a short time span? Here is what I’ve started applying to my own evaluations.

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