Tourettes, T-Rex Video, and Breaking Through

There’s a longer post that will followup on this in the future, but a handful of things have  happened recently that need sharing, particularly when it comes to something amazing my girls have made. Continue reading “Tourettes, T-Rex Video, and Breaking Through”


Fixed: Building Android 23 Apps with Gradle in Jenkins Pipeline

I’m working with a team who is building a mobile app using React Native. Everything builds nicely in our local environments (both Mac and PC) and now we’ve been working on setting up our Jenkins pipeline to create a fresh build with each merge request, and publish that out to a location that allows our dev teams to install at anytime. Everything was working great for this… until it wasn’t Continue reading “Fixed: Building Android 23 Apps with Gradle in Jenkins Pipeline”


Don’t Forget to Smile


I’ve already outlined earlier how last year was a really hard year for me and my family. However, Google Photos reminded me the other day that 2017 was also a year of smiles, partially due to some wonderful friends we had and some much needed breaks along the way.

As 2018 gets into full gear now, don’t forget to smile. You might be surprised at how a small thing can make a big difference.


How to fix PATH conflicts in WSL (Bash on Ubuntu on Windows)

WSL (also known as Bash on Ubuntu on Windows) has been a game changer for me with my web development. For a lot of our front end related coding, we take advantage of certain tools such as npm, grunt, bower, and at this point they still run a little smoother in my Mac environment than they do in my Windows 10 environment (though they are getting better). Having WSL available allows me to use these tools effectively and still retain my Win10 goodies. I recently ran into a problem with some path conflicts and here is the trick to solve them. Continue reading “How to fix PATH conflicts in WSL (Bash on Ubuntu on Windows)”


Dynamically Updating Environment Variables in Postman

If you haven’t used Postman yet for your general development needs while building or consuming a REST (or SOAP!) API, go get this amazing tool NOW and then keep reading. Otherwise, here’s a quick tip to make to help when dealing with frequently changing environment variables, such as session IDs or JWT tokens.

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The Joys of Home Ownership

Me: Wow! I’ve been selling a lot of stuff we don’t want to take with us. This should nicely cover our hotel travel and maybe a few meals…

Dryer: Perfect timing! I’ve been wanting to eat up some cash for a while now, so let me go ahead and bust my heater coil for you now. [:: slurp ::]

Me: Well, at least I can get a few burritos for the family now… [:: sigh ::]

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