Digital Whittling

So this cool thing happened this morning…

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On the Joys of MVC Architecture

As part of the goals for 2016, one of them is to “reface” my Prayer Journal app using the Angular Material library provided by Google. In the process of doing this, I’ve come to appreciate (yet again) the joys of building things using MVC architecture. Continue reading “On the Joys of MVC Architecture”


Review: Windows PowerShell Cookbook, 3rd Edition

PowerShell Cookbook

I’ve become an increasing fan of Windows PowerShell. It’s additional use of variables, scripts, and libraries opens up doors to some powerful scripting options that I need. I’m working on creating some deployment scripts for web applications I maintain across various web servers, and simple batch files wouldn’t fit the bill. Having worked a little bit with PowerShell, I really needed something that would provide a reference guide for all the tasks I wanted to accomplish. I also needed to learn a bit more about the fundamental concepts and features of PowerShell itself. Windows PowerShell Cookbook, 3rd Edition by Lee Holmes provides  that provides the examples and reference guide necessary for nearly all of my PowerShell needs. Continue reading “Review: Windows PowerShell Cookbook, 3rd Edition”

Yep, that's how I roll...

A Fresh Perspective: Two Years and Counting as a Remote Worker

Time flies when you’re having some Fresh fun! This week I’ve started my second year with Fresh Consulting as a remote worker. This has been my first foray into remote working, so I’ve been documenting some milestones/tips along the way.  While my first year seemed to be a huge eye opening experience in the way the private sector work, technologies to work with, and projects to work on, this year seemed a lot more focused. Continue reading “A Fresh Perspective: Two Years and Counting as a Remote Worker”

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Refactored: Creating dynamic/configurable parameterized queries in Entity Framework

A little while back I posted about a technique I was using to setup parameterized queries using Entity Framework. I had posted to the .Net group on Google+ and received some amazing feed back from Dan Nemec and Chris McCall and refactored the code. It’s cleaner, easier to work with, and hopefully a bit more optimized too. Here’s what’s different. Continue reading “Refactored: Creating dynamic/configurable parameterized queries in Entity Framework”

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Creating dynamic/configurable parameterized queries in Entity Framework

EDIT: A better, refactored version of this can be found here.

Entity Framework is an amazing tool. It allows you to quickly and easily get your basic queries and updates running with little hassle. In addition, you have business objects to interact with, which makes your middle tier (or your controller) that much easier to work with. However, when you need to start setting up more dynamic queries from user input, things start to get tricky. Here’s a solution I created to help with that. Continue reading “Creating dynamic/configurable parameterized queries in Entity Framework”