Sometimes progress can be slow, but it is still worth it…

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Family Tech: Life360 and Prodigy

As technology continues to grow more and more in our lives (and family), here are a couple tools that we have really been enjoying as of late: Life360 and Prodigy. Continue reading “Family Tech: Life360 and Prodigy”

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Technical Note / Rant: Keep Core App Functionality Consistent

We’re moving into a time when most apps need to run on multiple platforms in order to be impactful and effective. I’m working from a MacBook Pro, but will often do quick followups on issues from my iPhone, or even from my Android tablet if I’m really in a bind. Sometimes I just need to borrow a web browser really quick to make sure that a certain task was completed. One of the key things to this however is to have consistent functionality across these platforms. Case in point, the current state of Microsoft Outlook. Continue reading “Technical Note / Rant: Keep Core App Functionality Consistent”