The Beat of my Heart

The beat of my heart is now my song for you.

This is the line shortly into the Reverence mix by DJ Lorraine (now Laladee) that has been ruminating in my mind for over a decade now…

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Low-Tech Running

An interesting thing happened to me about a week and a half ago during my RAGNAR run. My phone stopped charging. It had been giving me some grief for a bit but nothing I or my friends could do could get it to charge. This wound up affecting my running… Continue reading “Low-Tech Running”


Sixty-Seven Minutes

It’s amazing to think that this morning I was doing something continuously for over an hour non-stop. Sure I’ve cleaned out the garage, or chopped firewood, or done various chores, but to put your body in a continuous “stressful” state (apparently an average of 169 bpm on my heart rate sensor and I have some hills to verify it!) for that long is something I haven’t thought much about before. It’s amazing what the body can do, how we’re fearfully and wonderfully made, and how small changes (such as getting up and sticking to a routine) can lead to some amazing payouts after time. Running reminds me so much of the long game, of the benefits of self-discipline, self-examination, and of pacing that apply to the road, the trail, and to life. Continue reading “Sixty-Seven Minutes”


Freeform Friday 4

Simply write about the first thing that comes to your mind …. NOW!

It’s amazing the odd joy that comes when your body finds its running groove. It’s like rediscovering yourself at a more intimate level.  You start to know not only what you can do, but how you do it and how to work through each little phase. You also know how to increase the pace or running tempo and how many miles you can make it last. It’s rather profound.

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I’m answering my own question today, but I’ve always been more parital to sunsets than sunrises. Admittedly I have an advantage of getting a great view of them from my deck (or roof) every day. For me, they allow me to reflect on what was done, and what can be done tomorrow. Sunsets remind me of another day accomplished, of uncountable things, little and big, that I am grateful for. They give me peace. Continue reading “Sunsets”