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Quick Tip: Removing Old Files in Azure Containers

I’ve been doing a lot of coding with Windows Azure as the hosted platform lately. I’ve really been impressed by the power and flexibility that is avaialable. One thing I recently did was create a tool that imports data from a mainframe system into our database using the new WebJobs feature available. This leverages the Azure storage containers to save the data files and logs for easy retrieval and prevents them from being removed.

While Azure storage does provide automatic cleaning of it’s internal logs, it doesn’t provide a way to automatically clean out old files in your containers. Our containers were filling up pretty fast and the policy was to only retain records for 30 days. Fortunately, you can create a simple script (and save it as a WebJob) to keep your containers nice and tidy.

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Introducing Trellodoro – Trello + Pomodoro = Personal Kanban Bliss

I’ve been on a quest to make the and the Pomodoro Technique work for my day to day programming needs. I’ve tried not once, but two times to make things work and I think I’m finally making progres..

Both times, I kept coming back to Trello as the place where I like to keep my personal kanban board. However, I didn’t have a way to store my Pomodoro iterations on the cards without modifying descriptions, and losing a bit of time along the way.

However, thanks to the Trello API, this can now be done easily through the use of Trello’s “stickers” feature. One clock sticker indicates one “pomodoro” completed. I can easily update the cards from within my own timer and move on to the next.

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Triple Fresh and Staying Strong

It’s been a banner year for Fresh Consulting and I feel like I was just writing my two year followup and here we are at three years! We were we received an award as the 6th fastest growing company in the Puget Sound Business Journal. We’ve expanded our core team by nearly a dozen people, and the amazing projects that we get to work on continues to increase. We also ran 200 miles together at the Ragnar Northwest Passage (as well as again this year in a couple of months!). It’s been a whirlind time.

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Quick Tips

Quick Tip: How to running CodeIgniter on PHP 5.5 and MySQL 5.6

This isn’t a “production endorsed” solution, but it’s something that can get you by in a pinch. After reformatting my MacBook Pro and installing PHP 5.5 and MySQL 5.6 on it, I found that an old CodeIgniter application I was supporting wouldn’t run for me. After some error diagnosis (and code hacking) I was able to make things work by doing the following:

1. Change your config/database.php file to use the “mysqli” database driver. The “mysql” one is for older versions and will call deprecated methods if used.

2. Rename and remap your “Yield” class. In PHP 5.5 there is is a new yield language construct, and that will interfere with the Yield class/method that CodeIgniter uses. To fix this:

  1. Modify your hooks/Yield_hook.php file and rename the class to “Yield_hook”
  2. In your config/hooks.php file, change the first hook mapping from class “Yield” to “Yield_hook”

Once you’ve saved those files, you should be up and running.