How to Redirect Your Domain or SubDomain to Your Windows Azure Website

Azure Wallpaper

I’ve become quite a fan of Windows Azure, through both a personal project and a project I’m working on for a client. All the resources I need are at my fingertips, being able to do instant deployments from source control is a HUGE time saver, and the infrastructure is stable and scalable. One thing that was a little tricky at first was how to get my new subdomain to redirect to my Azure account, and here’s how to make it happen. Continue reading

Stand in the Rain

Standing in the Rain

Standing in the Rain (Photo credit: failing_angel)

I’ve always been kind of a “glass is three quarters full” kind of guy. It didn’t matter how the circumstances were, I would move forward with an overabundance of hope to the resolution of a situation. A lot of times this involved squashing my personal feelings or thoughts on the situation. I’d brush off the what’s or the why’s and simply focus on how to make it go away.

I realize now that it also stifled a lot of  opportunities to grow. Continue reading

Review: HTML5 Hacks

HTML5 Hacks Cover

HTML5 is REALLY doing some great things for web developers. It has breathed new life in to web applications and with the advancements made in CSS3, it’s feasible to build a full fledged application that runs without any installation for your users on their desktop, tablet, and mobile phone with minimal changes to you. I’ll admit that I know quite a bit about HTML, but HTML5 was a new world for me in a lot of ways. Knowing the right code or “hacks” to make this work against all the different browsers is what HTML5 Hacks by Jesse Cravens and Jeff Burtoft provides for developers new and experienced. Continue reading

Bitcoin for the Newcomer, Hobbyist, and Poor Man


One day I just might accumulate 1BTC worth of them.

The world of bitcoin has intrigued me ever since I read an article in Wired magazine two years ago. The idea of a digital currency, built upon cryptography algorithms, and free of any centralized source, and the equally mysterious disappearance of its founder had me hooked. Its  skyrocket in price (I almost bought a couple for $10 less than a year ago and now a recent spike has them at $600). Since then I’ve followed the stories, the trends, and even made a few “satoshis” along the way. It’s still a complex and crazy place for somebody wanting to start out, or even participate for purely a “hobby” manner (like me). In that regard I offer up an introduction and some resources that I hope will have you intrigued like me. Continue reading