Connecting Your Local API in Xamarin and VMWare Fusion

As I’m working through my Prayer Odyssey project, I’m in the process of building native mobile apps, thanks to Xamarin. However, I hit a snag that was preventing me from testing things locally. For some reason I kept receiving timeout errors, when I could clearly see that the API was running. After a bit of digging (combined with a little hair pulling and head pounding), I tracked down the issue. The mobile app on the iOS simulator couldn’t connect to the API on a VMWare Fusion virtual machine. Here’s how you get this to work.

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Cross Platform Coding is Cheaper than Before

I’ve been itching to expand my Prayer Odyssey project to include native mobile apps. I believe it will be more of a need than a nice to have given how notifications work and how a truly responsive experience can be trickier than it initially seems. For me, I’ve had my eyes on Xamarin for quite a while now.

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