Toolkit Upgrade

Like most developers, you’re refining your core toolkit based on new tools you find and ones that lose their effectiveness. I’ve updated my developer toolkit page reflecting that, plus adding some new tools (for APIs and Passwords). Give it a peek if you’re interested:

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Cool Tools – Blisk and Word Flow

I’m always on the lookout for some cool tools that help me work that much smarter or sometimes are just fun. There are two that I’ve been warming up to more and more lately: Blisk (Windows, Mac) and Word Flow (iOS) Continue reading “Cool Tools – Blisk and Word Flow”


Soup to Nuts: Custom Domains and SSL in IIS Express

Nowadays, nearly every site out there is using SSL, and for good reason. Security is on the rise and adding a little bit of protection to your site traffic is a good thing. Additionally, having a nice consistency in URL naming between your dev/staging/production environment is very handy. Here’s how you can set this up in Visual Studio and IIS Express. Continue reading “Soup to Nuts: Custom Domains and SSL in IIS Express”


Review: Getting Started with D3


D3 Cover

A project I am currently working on required me to find an efficient way to displaying a “heat map” of data throughout the United States. While one approach would be to simply create static images, the map also needed to be updated based on different data parameters. We also wanted to be able to generate tooltips and zoom in and out of the map. These requirements led me to the D3 library and a nice book entitled, Getting Started with D3 by Mike Dewar that helped get me up and running. Continue reading “Review: Getting Started with D3”


Review: The Book of Ruby


Book of Ruby Cover

Ruby is one of the most popular of the “newer” languages out on the market. In particular, it is the “Rails” framework for building web sites and applications that has made it so. As a perpetual learner, especially of coding languages and techniques, I was eager to give Ruby a try and decided to take a look at The Book of Ruby: A Hands-On Guide for the Adventurous by Huw Collingbourne.

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Book of CSS3 Cover

Review: The Book of CSS3

Book of CSS3 Cover

I’ve been slowly working on my “front end” web development for a while and the critical piece to this is being able to leverage CSS better. With the ability to write mobile compatible applications as well, making CSS work for you is even more important. Fortunately, The Book of CSS3 by Peter Gasston gives you a deep and complete view of the CSS3 specification and how to make it work on your sites. Continue reading “Review: The Book of CSS3”