Soup to Nuts: Access VMWare Fusion .Net Apps from Your Mac

I typically spend at least half of my day developing .Net apps from within Visual Studio on a Mac. I do this thanks to the power of VMWare Fusion. Most of the time I run my tests in Blisk or Edge, but there are times where I need to verify functionality in Safari without pushing my code up to a test server. While access isn’t immediately available, here are the steps you need to make it happen. Continue reading “Soup to Nuts: Access VMWare Fusion .Net Apps from Your Mac”


Connecting Your Local API in Xamarin and VMWare Fusion

As I’m working through my Prayer Odyssey project, I’m in the process of building native mobile apps, thanks to Xamarin. However, I hit a snag that was preventing me from testing things locally. For some reason I kept receiving timeout errors, when I could clearly see that the API was running. After a bit of digging (combined with a little hair pulling and head pounding), I tracked down the issue. The mobile app on the iOS simulator couldn’t connect to the API on a VMWare Fusion virtual machine. Here’s how you get this to work.

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Quick Tip

Quick Tip – Fixing SSH Bitbucket Error in Windows 10 on VMWare Fusion

I started seeing an odd bug when trying to push/pull code from Bitbucket:

ssh: Could not resolve hostname Non-recoverable failure in name resolution
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Oddly enough doing a ping against the site works just fine.  In my case I’m using VMWare Fusion, and changing the network settings from Bridged to NAT doesn’t solve anything.

While full diagnostics are still not in, it appears that Visual Studio 2015 is installing a newer version of msysgit, which seems to cause the problem. The solution is to simply add the IP address to bitbucket in your hosts file and everything starts to work again.

It looks like VMWare might be looking into this, but it’s hard to “point blame” at this point. Things are working, so I’m happy for now. 8^D Continue reading “Quick Tip – Fixing SSH Bitbucket Error in Windows 10 on VMWare Fusion”


Developer Nirvana: The OSX / VMWare Fusion / Visual Studio 2010 Amalgamation

OSX Win7 Fusion
Yep, quite a lot of mayhem going there...

I mentioned a little while back that my job has ben jumping through a lot of different environments in order to get my work done. I’m doing PHP development in OSX to be on the same page as the my fellow developers. I also do .Net development for some of the clients we have. Previously, I’ve been working in a dual boot environment, swapping between two OSes as needed and relying on cloud life. Sometimes this doesn’t work out the best. Continue reading “Developer Nirvana: The OSX / VMWare Fusion / Visual Studio 2010 Amalgamation”