Initial Impressions: Visual Studio for Mac

While there was a premature leak earlier this week in the news, you can now officially download Visual Studio for Mac. While there isn’t much you can necessarily say in one day of poking around, in addition to the fact that this is a “preview” app, here are a few initial impressions on it. Continue reading “Initial Impressions: Visual Studio for Mac”


Soup to Nuts: Access VMWare Fusion .Net Apps from Your Mac

I typically spend at least half of my day developing .Net apps from within Visual Studio on a Mac. I do this thanks to the power of VMWare Fusion. Most of the time I run my tests in Blisk or Edge, but there are times where I need to verify functionality in Safari without pushing my code up to a test server. While access isn’t immediately available, here are the steps you need to make it happen. Continue reading “Soup to Nuts: Access VMWare Fusion .Net Apps from Your Mac”


Soup to Nuts: Custom Domains and SSL in IIS Express

Nowadays, nearly every site out there is using SSL, and for good reason. Security is on the rise and adding a little bit of protection to your site traffic is a good thing. Additionally, having a nice consistency in URL naming between your dev/staging/production environment is very handy. Here’s how you can set this up in Visual Studio and IIS Express. Continue reading “Soup to Nuts: Custom Domains and SSL in IIS Express”


Quick Tip – Breakpoint Failed to Bind in Visual Studio 2015

Are you running into an unusual amount of “Breakpoint failed to bind.” errors in Visual Studio 2015? This is probably due to a change in how the debugger is working. In the past when you fired up the debugger, Visual Studio automatically triggered a rebuild of the source code in debug mode, so that all the debug symbols are up to date and ready to debug. It appears that this is no longer the case in VS MMXV.

The solution is simple enough. Make sure to change your compile target to “Debug” before pressing that magical F5 button and you should be all set! It’s always the simple things… 8^D Continue reading “Quick Tip – Breakpoint Failed to Bind in Visual Studio 2015”

Quick Tips

Quick Tip – Locating Namespaces in Visual Studio

When I’m using Visual Studio 2013 Community (for free too!) while working on my pet project, I’ve come to realize how dependent I’ve become upon Resharper for a lot of simple programming needs. While attempting to build some code and compile it, it turns out I was missing a namespace reference that I didn’t immediately know where to find it. After a little experimentation, here’s a trick I found that helps about 90% of the time.

Continue reading “Quick Tip – Locating Namespaces in Visual Studio”


How to run PHP applications in Visual Studio 2012

A PHP app launched from Visual Studio 2012
A PHP app launched from Visual Studio 2012

Note: This post comes as a HT to this StackOverflow question, I’m just tweaking a few things to accomodate for VSMMXII…

I’m working on a project to convert a PHP application to a .Net MVC application. The initial prototype has some nice bootstrap/highcharts functionality, so I want to preview the site locally as I’m migrating the code over. Instead of starting up or installing a new editor, I wanted to take advantage of IIS Express that comes with Visual Studio 2012 to run the app. It’s really easy to setup and here’s how to do it. Continue reading “How to run PHP applications in Visual Studio 2012”


Quick Tip: Aborting builds in Visual Studio based on file contents

Quick TipRemember a little while back when I had that problem with Entity Framework and SQL Server 2005/2008 databases? Well, it raised it’s ugly head again, and I was looking for a way to detect our error. Fortunately, we can setup a pre-build event to detect the bug and stop the process from going further. Continue reading “Quick Tip: Aborting builds in Visual Studio based on file contents”