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How I Hack Productivity – Google Calendar, Trello, Zapier

These days, I practically live and die by my calendar. I have a ton of meetings for projects, interviews, mentorship, and even a little coding. Being able to manage this and still feel productive has been a struggle as of late. Fortunately, I have my own Productivity Yoda here at the office! She’s been giving me a few guidelines and tricks and I have been running from there. I still have to work on the “making time” aspect of my work, but I have gotten a great handle on “managing time” aspect of my work and here’s how I’m doing it.

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Introducing Trellodoro – Trello + Pomodoro = Personal Kanban Bliss

I’ve been on a quest to make the and the Pomodoro Technique work for my day to day programming needs. I’ve tried not once, but two times to make things work and I think I’m finally making progres..

Both times, I kept coming back to Trello as the place where I like to keep my personal kanban board. However, I didn’t have a way to store my Pomodoro iterations on the cards without modifying descriptions, and losing a bit of time along the way.

However, thanks to the Trello API, this can now be done easily through the use of Trello’s “stickers” feature. One clock sticker indicates one “pomodoro” completed. I can easily update the cards from within my own timer and move on to the next.

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Kanned Tomatoes – An Update

Edit: I’ve finally built a tool to integrate Trello and Pomodoro! Check out Trellodoro.

A little over two years ago I wrote a post about using Kanban and Pomodoro as a way to boost productivity. Sadly the approach never stuck for myself. The kanban technique was alive and active (and still is), but for some reason I had a hard time making the pomodoro approach stick. Last week I decided to give it another run.

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Kanned Tomatoes: A Kanban / Pomodoro Way of Getting Things Done

Pomodoro Kanban

Edit: I’ve finally built a tool to integrate Trello and Pomodoro! Check out Trellodoro.

I’ve been a big fan of personal kanban for a while now. I even have a couple articles about my journeys in kanban land. Kanban gives me a great way of seeing what I’m doing, what is waiting for feedback from others, and what I need to do. However, lately I’ve been getting rather scattered in actually accomplishing my various tasks. To remedy this, I decided to try out a little something I read about a while back, the Pomodoro Technique. Continue reading “Kanned Tomatoes: A Kanban / Pomodoro Way of Getting Things Done”