Family Tech: Life360 and Prodigy

As technology continues to grow more and more in our lives (and family), here are a couple tools that we have really been enjoying as of late: Life360 and Prodigy. Continue reading “Family Tech: Life360 and Prodigy”


Toolkit Upgrade

Like most developers, you’re refining your core toolkit based on new tools you find and ones that lose their effectiveness. I’ve updated my developer toolkit page reflecting that, plus adding some new tools (for APIs and Passwords). Give it a peek if you’re interested:

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Five Tips for Remote Developers

When I first shifted my career to one as a remote developer, it was admittedly a bit daunting. I was transitioning from a slower paced government position to a fast paced consulting firm. I was jumping heavy into PHP (alongside my .Net work) which I wasn’t fully versed with yet, and I even switched from PC to Mac to be on the same page with the development setup at the main office. Five and a half years later I’m still running strong and have a pretty good take on how to make it work. While my remote developer status will be coming to an end soon, here are the five key things that have helped me be successful. Continue reading “Five Tips for Remote Developers”


A New DevTool on the Block

A few months back the Mozilla Foundation released a new version of their browser called Firefox Developer Edition (FDE). While I’m typically a Chrome/Safari kind of guy, I decided to give the new tool a whirl and you know what? I’m rather impressed with it. I haven’t dug into all of its features, but I’m using it more and more and here’s why.

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