Soup to Nuts: Creating a Timeout Notifier in ASP.Net using AJAX Toolkit or jQuery

The Quandary

One of those “gotchas” that a new developer faces when working with ASP.Net is that the SessionTimeout variable you find in the web.config only applies to the server side end of things, not the client. The problem with this is that if the client’s session has ended, they won’t know it, and the next time they post back to the server, they’ll either run into an error, or have their forms blanked out (if they were working on them) and not know why.

The trick is to develop a solution that will track the timeout value on the client end (browser) as well as make the appropriate updates to the server end. Fortunately, anytime that a post back is made to the server, or a new page is loaded, ASP.Net automatically handles our session processing. Our main focus will be on developing the client end.

In order to prevent the user from accidentally clicking elsewhere and bypassing the warning, we’ll present the warning as a modal popup window that they’ll be forced to interact with. As the title says, I’ll show you how to implement this using either the AJAX Control Toolkit or jQuery (leveraging jQueryUI), so you can implement it in whatever system you’re more comfortable with. Continue reading “Soup to Nuts: Creating a Timeout Notifier in ASP.Net using AJAX Toolkit or jQuery”