Quick Tip: How to Create an Email Template in Airmail

Ever since Outlook started giving me grief, I’ve become a big fan of Airmail. It has a really simple and polished interface, can easily handle multiple accounts, and works really well. The one thing that is missing from Airmail though is the ability create mail templates / stationary. Since I send out “daily virtual standup” e-mails, I want a quick and easy way to get this done. Here’s a little “hack” I’ve come up with in order to have a template at my fingertips.

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Quick Tip: Creating Outlook Templates for Mac

As a remote worker, I keep in touch with my colleagues by way of the “daily virtual standup”. This is a short and sweet e-mail that outlines what I did yesterday and well as what I’m going to do today. Oddly enough, Outlook for Mac does not have a mail template that I could create to send these out faster! So here’s a quick trick I use as a workaround…

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