Cloud Life: 5 Free Tools to Get What you Need Whenever and Wherever You Need It

Cloud Apps

I’ve been at my new job for a little more than 6 months now. With my various projects and clients, you can call me Mac toting, dual booting, .Net slinging, PHP wrangling, MVC hacking, Ruby learning, Android packing, Kindle browsing, iPhone testing, amateur blogging kind of geek. Whew! With all that said, I need a way to easily keep dibs on my files, music, pictures, and other miscellaneous things without having to install a million different programs. I also want to have a consistent set of programs between my Mac, PC, and Android so that I don’t have to “move” my data from one program to the other. Here are five free (no credit card necessary!) tools I’ve found that has helped me master my cloud life. Continue reading

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