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Quick Tip – IAM S3 Policy for DeployBot

For one of the projects I’m working on, we’re using DeployBot to handle deploying our code from our bitbucket repository to an AWS S3 bucket. For security reasons, we want to keep the IAM policy a restrictive as possible, so that it can only add/remove files in that bucket. However, DeployBot needs to be able to connect to S3 and get a list of buckets to provide a list for you to choose from in the deployment wizard. After a little bit of tweaking, this is the IAM policy that worked for me.

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Quick Tip: How to Download a File from Amazon S3 and Prompt the User Using .Net

Quick Tip

Amazon S3 is a wonderfully simple and powerful way to have mass storage at your disposal in the cloud. Amazon provides a wonderful SDK with great examples on how to do the common tasks. However, I ran into one issue I didn’t see an example for, and spend the better part of a day piecing my way though. How do download a file from S3 using a web application and prompt the user on what to do with the file. Continue reading