Quick Review: Norah Jones – Day Breaks

Being a long time Norah Jones fan, I pre-ordered this album as soon as my Amazon credits would allow me to. 8^D I was teased / tortured by a few early releases of “Carry On”, “Flipside”, and “Tragedy”and then had to wait for the rest. Today the full album has arrived and here’s the “two times through the album off the cuff short review”.

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Review – Star Wars The Force Awakens

TL;DR (spoiler free) 8.5 / 10: J.J. Abrams has done a brilliant job at bringing us back to the Star Wars universe with the fun, drama, and magic that made us fall in love with the originals. While giving a nod to the original films (and a big of the expanded universe), you’ll want to see this one again AND be itching for the next installment to come out.

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Unboxing and Initial Review – AcuRite 2032CRM Pro Weather Station

While I’m no meteorologist, I’ve always been a bit of a weather junkie. I love tracking the conditions of the moment, seeing how they affect the weather, and even taking a stab at forecasting how things will be for tomorrow. However, I’ve never had a weather station in order to track things at my house, until now. Thanks to some early birthday money, I’m now marking an item off my bucket list and tracking my weather with an AcuRite 5-in-1 Pro Weather Station. Here’s the initial unboxing and thoughts. Continue reading “Unboxing and Initial Review – AcuRite 2032CRM Pro Weather Station”