Five Tips for Remote Developers

When I first shifted my career to one as a remote developer, it was admittedly a bit daunting. I was transitioning from a slower paced government position to a fast paced consulting firm. I was jumping heavy into PHP (alongside my .Net work) which I wasn’t fully versed with yet, and I even switched from PC to Mac to be on the same page with the development setup at the main office. Five and a half years later I’m still running strong and have a pretty good take on how to make it work. While my remote developer status will be coming to an end soon, here are the five key things that have helped me be successful. Continue reading “Five Tips for Remote Developers”


Fresh High Five

Five years ago yesterday, to be precise, I made a flight up to Bellevue, Washington and took a deep dive into a much larger world of programming, consulting, and all things in-between at Fresh ConsultingContinue reading “Fresh High Five”

Yep, that's how I roll...

A Fresh Perspective: Two Years and Counting as a Remote Worker

Time flies when you’re having some Fresh fun! This week I’ve started my second year with Fresh Consulting as a remote worker. This has been my first foray into remote working, so I’ve been documenting some milestones/tips along the way.  While my first year seemed to be a huge eye opening experience in the way the private sector work, technologies to work with, and projects to work on, this year seemed a lot more focused. Continue reading “A Fresh Perspective: Two Years and Counting as a Remote Worker”