Programming for Kids

I first cut my teeth into programming when I was 9 on an old TI-99/4A on a black and white television. It took me several hours to copy some TI-BASIC code out of a book and into a simple editor screen. The results blew my mind. A simple little ball (I think it was red, but again this was a black and white TV 8^D) would bounce move my screen and when it reached an edge it would “bounce” and make a random noise. I’ll admit I really didn’t know what I was working with then. I suspect I was working with looping algorithm (for movement and keeping the app going), and a randomization algorithm (generating sound and the next direction for the ball to go. Overall it was pretty intense and there was no explanation in the code, just commands to type in.

This past week my girls (nearly 9 now themselves) dived into their first world of programming. Thanks to a site called Code Studio.

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