2016 in Photos

It feels like I haven’t taken as many photos this year that I’ve filed under “L” for Life, but there were still a handful that I considered my favorite. You can check them out in my Flickr album.

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Digital Treasures

About 4 or 5 years ago, one of the hard drives on an old computer failed. While this typically doesn’t bother me much, this happened to be the drive that all of my photos were backed up on, and I hadn’t transferred most of it to DVD yet for archiving. Thankfully I was able to recover the images, but the cleanup would be a nasty task that I wouldn’t start until this weekend. However, the effort has been worth it as I’m finding some old “digital treasures” that I had forgotten about.

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Bienvenue (again) Pic-a-Dillie-O!!!

New Pic-a-Dillie-O Home


Well, after some more soul searching, theme browsing, and general fall-clean-up-ishness, I've "reopened" by photo blog and migrated everything back over there. I love the "tiled" layout that I can display here and it just seems better to have all of the pics in one spot.

Articles, reviews, quotes, links, and general pensee will still remain here.

So go check it out and update your RSS feeds if you need to. Enjoy!