Bienvenue MMXIX

It feels a bit like walking into one of those attic style workrooms, with a small layer of dust on things and lots of work abruptly halted. On one hand it feels a bit dusty, old, and frozen in time. On the other hand it feels refreshing to see some old things come to life again…

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New Year, New Me (Sorta)

It’s a new year, and while I’ve always jumped off and on the bandwagon with New Years resolutions, this year there’s a few things that I’m definitely going to do. One of them is expanding this blog more.

I’ve kept the blog primarily geared towards my “geekish coding” type posts, but I think it needs to expand out more. I need to put a little more “me” into my blog. If I’ve learned anything over the past year, it’s that we are a people of stories. Not in the “fantastical things that keep you avoiding the truth” kind of the stories, but in the “legacy” kind of stories. Things that go back far beyond ourselves, and shape it at the same time.

Combine this with the privilege I’ve had of helping test a great blog/story telling app called Desk and it seems like the perfect time to expand more. We’ll add the icing to the cake that Desk’s creator, John Saddington, has added a 10 day workshop to a better blog and it seems like the perfect time to get it all together.

So here we go. It’s time to see what I’m going to add to this new year, and newish blog. 8^D

Feel free to reach out and see how I’m doing. Or join it yourself!