Quick Tip: Maintaining .Net Core RC1 Project References in Azure

Sometimes you just have to stick with older code…

I ran into a problem a while back when deploying an application to Azure that was using the DNX / .Net Core RC1 Framework. I started seeing errors such as:

Unable to resolve dependency Microsoft.Extensions.Options 1.0.0-rc2-final

Similarly when I would attempt to compile I would see an error such as:

The dependency Microsoft.Extensions.Options 1.0.0 in project ZZZ does not support framework DNX,Version=v4.5.1.

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Guest Post: Azure – More than a Web Hosting Platform

I had a guest post at work this week outlining all the really cool things that I put together on a project recently using Microsoft Azure. It’s pretty amazing how the cloud is streamlining a lot of coding that used to take weeks or months.

Give it a read here:

http://www.freshconsulting.com/microsoft-azure-more-than-a-web-hosting-platform/ Continue reading


Database Migrations with Azure EF7 and DNX

With the newest release of ASP.Net 5 (vNext) and Entity Framework 7, it appears that the traditional web.config transform method and startup code will no longer work to have your database migration scripts automatically run when you deploy your code from source control to Azure. Here’s a new way that you can accomplish the same task and keep your continuous integration setup running smoothly. Continue reading


Quick Tip – Linking User Identity to oAuth Tokens in WebAPI

In my Zurb For Applications .Net Scaffolding, I setup a base .Net WebAPI project that uses oAuth tokens for a better form of authentication in a single page application model. Since the token provides any details about the user that you want to encode, here’s a quick trick to expose the User.Identity.Name and User.IsInRole methods to improve the authentication and authorization capabilities within your app. Continue reading


Sharing the Love – Zurb Foundation for Apps Scaffolding for .Net with Authentication


NuGet package here.

Github repository here.

A little while back I was really excited that Zurb released their Foundation for Applications (ZFA) library. I’ve been working with it a little and really like the results. I’ve learned some new things along the way and it’s helping be do a “platform shift” for my side project: Prayer Journal. I even created an initial scaffolding that others can use to start up their .Net apps. But I still needed to be able to let users create accounts and restrict access to pages, so a new scaffold was born, one with authentication.

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