Initial Impressions: Visual Studio for Mac

While there was a premature leak earlier this week in the news, you can now officially download Visual Studio for Mac. While there isn’t much you can necessarily say in one day of poking around, in addition to the fact that this is a “preview” app, here are a few initial impressions on it. Continue reading “Initial Impressions: Visual Studio for Mac”


Quick Tip: Grab your ConnectionStrings From the config file directly

Interesting little tidbit discovered today. I was debugging a helper method that took a connection string as an input parameter, so that it could create a simple SQL connection (no entity framework magic) in order to process things. Since there was some EF code and context already established, the original code was setup to pass the connection string from the existing context:


However, I was getting an error when connecting. A little digging brought to light the fact that when you pull the connection string in this manner, the password is omitted. I suspect for security purposes. That said, simply using the standard:


…will get you what you need. Continue reading “Quick Tip: Grab your ConnectionStrings From the config file directly”


Connecting Your Local API in Xamarin and VMWare Fusion

As I’m working through my Prayer Odyssey project, I’m in the process of building native mobile apps, thanks to Xamarin. However, I hit a snag that was preventing me from testing things locally. For some reason I kept receiving timeout errors, when I could clearly see that the API was running. After a bit of digging (combined with a little hair pulling and head pounding), I tracked down the issue. The mobile app on the iOS simulator couldn’t connect to the API on a VMWare Fusion virtual machine. Here’s how you get this to work.

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Quick Tip: Maintaining .Net Core RC1 Project References in Azure

Sometimes you just have to stick with older code…

I ran into a problem a while back when deploying an application to Azure that was using the DNX / .Net Core RC1 Framework. I started seeing errors such as:

Unable to resolve dependency Microsoft.Extensions.Options 1.0.0-rc2-final

Similarly when I would attempt to compile I would see an error such as:

The dependency Microsoft.Extensions.Options 1.0.0 in project ZZZ does not support framework DNX,Version=v4.5.1.

Something strange was going on… Continue reading “Quick Tip: Maintaining .Net Core RC1 Project References in Azure”


Cross Platform Coding is Cheaper than Before

I’ve been itching to expand my Prayer Odyssey project to include native mobile apps. I believe it will be more of a need than a nice to have given how notifications work and how a truly responsive experience can be trickier than it initially seems. For me, I’ve had my eyes on Xamarin for quite a while now.

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Guest Post: Azure – More than a Web Hosting Platform

I had a guest post at work this week outlining all the really cool things that I put together on a project recently using Microsoft Azure. It’s pretty amazing how the cloud is streamlining a lot of coding that used to take weeks or months.

Give it a read here: Continue reading “Guest Post: Azure – More than a Web Hosting Platform”


Database Migrations with Azure EF7 and DNX

With the newest release of ASP.Net 5 (vNext) and Entity Framework 7, it appears that the traditional web.config transform method and startup code will no longer work to have your database migration scripts automatically run when you deploy your code from source control to Azure. Here’s a new way that you can accomplish the same task and keep your continuous integration setup running smoothly. Continue reading “Database Migrations with Azure EF7 and DNX”