Initial Impressions: Visual Studio for Mac

While there was a premature leak earlier this week in the news, you can now officially download Visual Studio for Mac. While there isn’t much you can necessarily say in one day of poking around, in addition to the fact that this is a “preview” app, here are a few initial impressions on it. Continue reading “Initial Impressions: Visual Studio for Mac”


Quick Tip: Creating Outlook Templates for Mac

As a remote worker, I keep in touch with my colleagues by way of the “daily virtual standup”. This is a short and sweet e-mail that outlines what I did yesterday and well as what I’m going to do today. Oddly enough, Outlook for Mac does not have a mail template that I could create to send these out faster! So here’s a quick trick I use as a workaround…

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How to get Netgear ReadyShare to work with Time Machine and Mountain Lion (Mavericks Too!) (Oh and El Capitan!)

ReadyShare Final Result

Note: I just upgraded to OSX Mavericks (10.9) and the ReadyShare drive is still readable and functional in Time Machine. You shouldn’t run into any trouble if you decide to upgrade. If you do run into problems (I did later on), I have some notes below to help.

Over the weekend I purchased a Netgear DGND3700v2 DSL Modem / Router (N600) and discovered that there was a great feature called ReadyShare. This allowed you to plug a USB drive into it and have it shared across all your computers in the network (music, photos, backup, etc.) However, their documentation to get it to work with OSX’s Time Machine backup tool wasn’t working. After some digging and tweaking, I managed to make it work.
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Developer Nirvana: The OSX / VMWare Fusion / Visual Studio 2010 Amalgamation

OSX Win7 Fusion
Yep, quite a lot of mayhem going there...

I mentioned a little while back that my job has ben jumping through a lot of different environments in order to get my work done. I’m doing PHP development in OSX to be on the same page as the my fellow developers. I also do .Net development for some of the clients we have. Previously, I’ve been working in a dual boot environment, swapping between two OSes as needed and relying on cloud life. Sometimes this doesn’t work out the best. Continue reading “Developer Nirvana: The OSX / VMWare Fusion / Visual Studio 2010 Amalgamation”


Generating Random Signature Taglines in Mac OSX

One of the things I miss most from my old job was my tag line generating program I had. Oddly enough, all of these old QWK Mail BBS tag lines I had randomly inserted into my e-mails made a lot of people happy. Then I’d post some of them on Facebook Twitter and get a few more chuckles, or looks of bewilderment (yes, you CAN feel those through the matrix when you’ve been around as long as I have). Continue reading “Generating Random Signature Taglines in Mac OSX”