Quick Tip – Transferring Contacts from HTC 8X to iOS or Android on Verizon

My iPhone finally arrived and while all of my Google Contacts and Hotmail contacts transferred over right away (hazzah for some cloud things) I was still missing some contacts. Those were the ones that were saved to Verizon’s contact manager. However, Backup Assistant Plus (the app that came with the phone) was no longer accessible on my phone, even though it appears that contacts were being backed up. Here’s what you need to do to get your contacts over. Continue reading “Quick Tip – Transferring Contacts from HTC 8X to iOS or Android on Verizon”

Mobile Devices

Lifestyle Management Reloaded: Mobile/Cloud Aside

Mobile Devices

I’m still on my quest for my one tool to handle “lifestyle management” online, but I wanted to take a moment to cover a couple of topics that have jumped out at me that I wasn’t necessarily expecting: The Could, and Mobile Devices. Continue reading “Lifestyle Management Reloaded: Mobile/Cloud Aside”

L5R Counter

Quick Tip: Simple iPhone/iPad Layout Changes in PhoneGap

So my sort of deep dark secret is that I have one application in the iTunes App Store. It’s a simple little counter for the L5R CCG that I play with some friends. While there are performance issues going between pages, all in all I think it’s a great and simple little app that shows off some great artwork from the game. I used PhoneGap to put the application together quickly to be both compatible for iPhone and iPad, but there was one little trick to overcome along the way. Continue reading “Quick Tip: Simple iPhone/iPad Layout Changes in PhoneGap”