Bitcoin Alert – HashOcean: Diary of a Scam

Well, it’s been a week since I first reported the potential of HashOcean being a scam, and at this point I believe I can safely flag it as such. I was fortunate in that I had only invested a few dollars into the mining operation and had actually received a payout. What is more interesting though, is the crazy path of stories, sites, and information that has been passed around over the week. While I haven’t had the most in-depth recollection of what has transpired, here is what I’ve seen from my daily checkins on the issue over the course of a week.

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Bitcoin for the Newcomer – Profit

A couple months ago I had expressed hope that for a hobbyist bitcoin person, one could participate in the “experience” and actually turn a little profit from it. Today those hopes have come to fruition as I made back my initial investment, and have started turning a profit! Continue reading “Bitcoin for the Newcomer – Profit”