Family Tech: Life360 and Prodigy

As technology continues to grow more and more in our lives (and family), here are a couple tools that we have really been enjoying as of late: Life360 and Prodigy. Continue reading “Family Tech: Life360 and Prodigy”


Throw Down Some Cards

The day has finally arrived. Earlier this week the girls picked up the “cardboard fever” and started up on a couple of of collectible/trading card games (herein known as CCGs or TCGs): My Little Pony and Pokemon. I’m rather excited for this interest, given my own interest in Yu-Gi-Oh and Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) over the years. Here’s why you should get interested in CCGs too.

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Kotei Report: Tucson, AZ


One of my hobbies is playing a CCG (collectible card game) called “Legend of the Five Rings“. There’s a lot of strategy involved, plus cool samurai and ninjas. 8^D I prefer to play the Monk/Kensai out of the Spider clan. They’re the nice evil monks that get two wield two weapons and do lots of fiendish mayhem (see avatar above 8^D). Fortunately I was able to go to a tournament this weekend with some of the friends I play with at the local card shop. As is somewhat customary in the forum I frequent, here is a tournament report, for those interested. Continue reading “Kotei Report: Tucson, AZ”


Quick Review: Torchlight 2

Torchlight 2 Logo

I’ve been a big fan of Torchlight since it first came out. My wife loves it too! I consider it a really good “modern” version of Angband with some extra perks, given the quests, UI, graphics, and overall fun. Needless to say, I was tickled pink when a special beta release for Torchlight 2 came out this weekend, and my wife and I received access keys to try it out! Continue reading “Quick Review: Torchlight 2”