Do Something Crazy New

It’s been about a month an a half now since I did something I would call “crazy new”. I started taking tap dance lessons…

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Pi Music

It’s Pi Day!!!! For those unaware, March 14th, or 3-14, or better yet, 3.14 Is the first three digits of that mathematical number Pi. I’m particularly fond of this day in part to a couple of math instructors who had a competition every year to see who could recite Pi to the most digits. Continue reading “Pi Music”


Life, Legos, and Letting Go

When I was about 10, I received a Christmas gift that would last until this day, a lego train set! This set had a working engine, 3 cars, a small loading station, and a WHOLE heap of fun. I slowly collected the various cars, stations, extra track, and I think everything in the collection. I kept this set in pristine collection and loved pulling it out every year and setup a new track around the Christmas tree. Fast forward 25 years and now my kids have learned about daddy’s collection… Continue reading “Life, Legos, and Letting Go”


Digital Treasures

About 4 or 5 years ago, one of the hard drives on an old computer failed. While this typically doesn’t bother me much, this happened to be the drive that all of my photos were backed up on, and I hadn’t transferred most of it to DVD yet for archiving. Thankfully I was able to recover the images, but the cleanup would be a nasty task that I wouldn’t start until this weekend. However, the effort has been worth it as I’m finding some old “digital treasures” that I had forgotten about.

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