Texas Vacation 2016 Highlights

Another fabulous vacation has been road tripped, tractored, ran, ridden, faired, spidered, and so much more. I wouldn’t trade these trips for the world. It provides a great getaway from the normal (and digital) day to day life that can sometimes overwhelm you. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip. You can view the full album of highlights here.

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I’ve been out of town for about a week and the time is always so short and so long simultaneously. The long time away is doubly tough when it’s away from family. Fortunately, I’m packed up with lots of things to keep me company. Half of them are surprises that show up in my bag. I’ll be home soon my loves…

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The Magic of the Years and Ears

About this time, a good 17 years ago now, I started my college year in a similar fashion. I met up with with a bunch of friends at Disnelyand for some fun in the magic kingdom before the intense studies began. At the carousel located just behind the iconic castle, friends old and new congregated. One of those new friends and I would soon start an adventure still going on today…

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