Creating Reusable Text Snippets with Shortcodes in SiteFinity

One of the requests/challenges that I’ve come up against while working on a new project with Telerik’s Sitefinity CMS is providing a means of reusing text at a more granular than what a typcial shared content block provides. I needed to provide a way that was reusable, as well as easy for the end user to maintain and use. After some digging and tweaking, I’ve found what I believe to be an ideal solution. By combining shared content blocks and “short codes”, you can make this happen.

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Creating Custom Formatted Layout Widgets in SiteFinity

I’m moving fast and furious through the Telerik SiteFinity CMS platform as of late. One thing we’re looking to do is to provide “formatted layout widgets” that will allow our end users to add more complex elements to their pages that are formatted nicely. The resources are there in SiteFinity, there’s just a couple of pieces not immediately known that you need to make it work.

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