Bitcoin Alert – HashOcean: Diary of a Scam

Well, it’s been a week since I first reported the potential of HashOcean being a scam, and at this point I believe I can safely flag it as such. I was fortunate in that I had only invested a few dollars into the mining operation and had actually received a payout. What is more interesting though, is the crazy path of stories, sites, and information that has been passed around over the week. While I haven’t had the most in-depth recollection of what has transpired, here is what I’ve seen from my daily checkins on the issue over the course of a week.

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Bitcoin Alert – HashOcean: Potential Scam

Considering I had a small mining rig going, and even made a recommendation, about this service, I felt it important to send out a quick note.

There have been reports that the HashOcean service is a big scam and has cut and run with their funds over the weekend. As of this morning I haven’t been able to login myself, and with my configuration set to not auto-payout, it’s hard to know for sure. Plenty of rumors are fast and furious, and a few “official” sources are saying it is just a hack, but time will tell.

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Bitcoin for the Newcomer – Hope again

I’ve been on a long journey with Bitcoin. Having missed out in the really early days with my own mining setup, I started working with some faucet and cloud mining options about two years ago and shared my experience to get others on board. About a year ago, my quest came to an end, due to increasing mining costs increased competition. However, after some more digging and a general rise in the price of bitcoin, the newcomer and hobbyist may have an option to participate again. Continue reading “Bitcoin for the Newcomer – Hope again”


Bitcoin for the Newcomer, Hobbyist, and Poor Man

One day I just might accumulate 1BTC worth of them.

The world of bitcoin has intrigued me ever since I read an article in Wired magazine two years ago. The idea of a digital currency, built upon cryptography algorithms, and free of any centralized source, and the equally mysterious disappearance of its founder had me hooked. Its  skyrocket in price (I almost bought a couple for $10 less than a year ago and now a recent spike has them at $600). Since then I’ve followed the stories, the trends, and even made a few “satoshis” along the way. It’s still a complex and crazy place for somebody wanting to start out, or even participate for purely a “hobby” manner (like me). In that regard I offer up an introduction and some resources that I hope will have you intrigued like me. Continue reading “Bitcoin for the Newcomer, Hobbyist, and Poor Man”