New Tool for Rebuilding Your Dev Environment

My new MacBook Pro is here and the first step is to get all the tools up and running! I’ve mentioned before using KitchenPlan, but now there’s a new kid on the block: SuperLumic. Continue reading “New Tool for Rebuilding Your Dev Environment”


Rebuilding Your Dev Environment Quick and Easy on OSX with KitchenPlan

Note: Have a PC? You can do the same thing with BoxStarter

This weekend I had one of those dreaded “rebuild your machine” weekends. It was my kids’ birthday too! While I like the “fresh smell” of a new machine, free of clutter and running fast, the time it takes to get everything in place makes it a little tedious. However, all of that changed when I stumbled upon a great little tool from an old bookmarked post called KitchenPlan.
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