Toolkit Upgrade

Like most developers, you’re refining your core toolkit based on new tools you find and ones that lose their effectiveness. I’ve updated my developer toolkit page reflecting that, plus adding some new tools (for APIs and Passwords). Give it a peek if you’re interested:

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Cool Tools – Blisk and Word Flow

I’m always on the lookout for some cool tools that help me work that much smarter or sometimes are just fun. There are two that I’ve been warming up to more and more lately: Blisk (Windows, Mac) and Word Flow (iOS) Continue reading “Cool Tools – Blisk and Word Flow”


The Running App Swap

Running tech has come a LOOOONG way from when I first started. I used to be a “log the runs on a sheet of paper (or spreadsheet) and time them with my basic “athletic watch” type of runner. Nowadays you can get a full gamut of details (and logging) all in a single app and track it with a wide assortment of devices. This also leads to decisions (and changes) to make. Continue reading “The Running App Swap”


ZFA Scaffold Update – Authenticating a Page

Last week a nice guy named Greg reached out to me about the ZANS scaffold I created and how he was enjoying it. He also ran into an issue where the reload of a view wasn’t properly checking user credentials. He found a simple trick to fix this which I wanted to share really quick.

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Sharing the Love – Zurb Foundation for Apps Scaffolding for .Net with Authentication


NuGet package here.

Github repository here.

A little while back I was really excited that Zurb released their Foundation for Applications (ZFA) library. I’ve been working with it a little and really like the results. I’ve learned some new things along the way and it’s helping be do a “platform shift” for my side project: Prayer Journal. I even created an initial scaffolding that others can use to start up their .Net apps. But I still needed to be able to let users create accounts and restrict access to pages, so a new scaffold was born, one with authentication.

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