Plunging into NativeScript

Late last week I had the opportunity to sit in on a demo for NativeScript. It’s a platform that allows you to write cross platform mobile apps using the iOS / Android native code, which gives you a lot more speed and features than the “Hybrid” platforms / tools you may have heard about. I’ve been around long enough to have heard about a lot of platforms and even dabbled a few, but this is the first one that is starting to peek my interest over Xamarin… Continue reading “Plunging into NativeScript”


Quick Tip – Transferring Contacts from HTC 8X to iOS or Android on Verizon

My iPhone finally arrived and while all of my Google Contacts and Hotmail contacts transferred over right away (hazzah for some cloud things) I was still missing some contacts. Those were the ones that were saved to Verizon’s contact manager. However, Backup Assistant Plus (the app that came with the phone) was no longer accessible on my phone, even though it appears that contacts were being backed up. Here’s what you need to do to get your contacts over. Continue reading “Quick Tip – Transferring Contacts from HTC 8X to iOS or Android on Verizon”


Soup to Nuts: Getting Your Android Emulator to Read Virtual Hosts on your Development Machine

ADV Results

So you’re setting up a new website, and need to test out your mobile functionality. Sadly you don’t have a development server in which you can push everything up to and test that way. Instead, you need to take the “localhost” route. In addition, you do a lot of web development, so you have your websites setup using virtual hosts in Apache. So to get your site, you type in something like “demopyrocms.localhost” to access your individual sites. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to do to get everything running smooth.
Continue reading “Soup to Nuts: Getting Your Android Emulator to Read Virtual Hosts on your Development Machine”


Streaming Video Isn’t as Easy as You Think

Codec Confusion

Last week I was working on a video streaming solution that would work on mobile devices as well as browsers. With all the amazing new technology we have these days, you would think that this would be pretty straightforward. Sadly it isn’t there yet. Continue reading “Streaming Video Isn’t as Easy as You Think”

Mobile Devices

Lifestyle Management Reloaded: Mobile/Cloud Aside

Mobile Devices

I’m still on my quest for my one tool to handle “lifestyle management” online, but I wanted to take a moment to cover a couple of topics that have jumped out at me that I wasn’t necessarily expecting: The Could, and Mobile Devices. Continue reading “Lifestyle Management Reloaded: Mobile/Cloud Aside”