Stand in the Rain

I’ve always been kind of a “glass is three quarters full” kind of guy. It didn’t matter how the circumstances were, I would move forward with an overabundance of hope to the resolution of a situation. A lot of times this involved squashing my personal feelings or thoughts on the situation. I’d brush off the what’s or the why’s and simply focus on how to make it go away.

I realize now that it also stifled a lot of  opportunities to grow. Continue reading

Running Tip – A good runner PU-S-H-ES the hills

Carriage Trail, Redlands 5-19-13a

Carriage Trail, Redlands 5-19-13a (Photo credit: inkknife_2000)











It’s a little crazy to think that my big Ragnar race is less than a month away! As I’ve been on my training runs, there’s one constant: I make sure to hit two major hills during my run. Sometimes they are short and steep, sometimes they are a longer and gradual. Either way, a hill placed at the wrong time can suck all energy and momentum out of your run. Here are some tricks (and a pseudo clever acronym) I use to get through them. Continue reading

Yep, that's how I roll...

A Fresh Perspective: Two Years and Counting as a Remote Worker

Time flies when you’re having some Fresh fun! This week I’ve started my second year with Fresh Consulting as a remote worker. This has been my first foray into remote working, so I’ve been documenting some milestones/tips along the way.  While my first year seemed to be a huge eye opening experience in the way the private sector work, technologies to work with, and projects to work on, this year seemed a lot more focused. Continue reading

Quick Tip
Verve Jazz Masters 20

Dillie-O Delights: Quintessential Jazz

While on the road to my L5R Kotei this weekend, one of my friends commented that they were interested in jazz, but didn’t have much to work off of except for soundtrack being used on one of his favorite shows. So I started thinking, “How can I give my friend a good introduction to jazz without overwhelming him?” As a result, I came up with the following collection that covers most of your bases, and I threw in a couple of favorites for kicks. Continue reading