Fabulous Fresh Four Fenomenon

I still find it a little funny every time I recall the story, but I got the job I have now through Twitter. I had decided to start looking for a new job, and being the “up to date” person I thought I was, I figd I’d try searching Twitter. Low and behold, somebody had posted they were looking for a .Net person, and even willing to have them work remotely! I sent an e-mail, had a phone call or two and a visit, and there I was, working for Fresh Consulting!

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Low Iodine Diet (LID) Resources

Yesterday, my wife started her Low Iodine Diet (LID) again. This is the third time that we’ve been through this and we’ve started collecting some recipes and tips to make things a lot easier. Some basic guidelines on dietary needs can be found here. It can be daunting at first when the diet starts, because it seems so limiting to what you can do. But thanks to the power of internet, and a lot of good people out there, it isn’t as stressful as it sounds. Here are a few items to help…

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