Life Hack – Cutting Cold Butter

I take no credit for this! It’s all a HT to my wonderful wife, and it has helped out so many times now!

Don’t you hate cutting cold butter, especially once your bagel is ready? Sure you can pull out the stick at the same time you put the bagel in the toaster, but sometimes it isn’t soft enough.

Instead, put your knife over the “vent” of the toaster. It’ll get nice and warm while the bagel toasts, and cut through your butter like a lightsaber.

Problem solved!

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Yes… YOU TOO can make your own bacon!

UPDATE: Check out the refined (and successful) version of this recipe here.

When Costco has a sale on pork belly, it’s hard not to consider making your own bacon. 11.4 pounds of bacon sets us back $24.80, or roughly 2.18 per pound is an amazing deal. However, you can’t just cut up some slices, cook, and eat. You need to cure the bacon first. You’d be surprised that this isn’t as hard as you think!

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