Quick Tip – Writable Laravel logs with Elastic Beanstalk

A while ago I wrote an article outlining deploying Laravel to Elastic Beanstalk. While this worked great, I started running into problems surrounding an error that Laravel couldn’t write to it’s log files. I had tried adding code to the pre-deploy scripts to update folder settings, but this didn’t work. After a little more digging, I found you can use a post-deploy script. It looks a bit different (and doesn’t have much documentation) but it does the trick. Continue reading


Homemade Bacon Round 4 – Refinement

There’s a saying I heard once that says “Software is never finished, only abandoned.” I’m starting to wonder if that might apply to recipes as well. I’m wondering if that might apply to recipes a well. With family coming into town and not a whole lot of time for curing, I held off on a bacon cure I wanted to try and went back to my “standard” recipe, but made some more tweaks based off of some feedback from Jen.

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Life Hack – Cutting Cold Butter

I take no credit for this! It’s all a HT to my wonderful wife, and it has helped out so many times now!

Don’t you hate cutting cold butter, especially once your bagel is ready? Sure you can pull out the stick at the same time you put the bagel in the toaster, but sometimes it isn’t soft enough.

Instead, put your knife over the “vent” of the toaster. It’ll get nice and warm while the bagel toasts, and cut through your butter like a lightsaber.

Problem solved!

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