Five Tips for Remote Developers

When I first shifted my career to one as a remote developer, it was admittedly a bit daunting. I was transitioning from a slower paced government position to a fast paced consulting firm. I was jumping heavy into PHP (alongside my .Net work) which I wasn’t fully versed with yet, and I even switched from PC to Mac to be on the same page with the development setup at the main office. Five and a half years later I’m still running strong and have a pretty good take on how to make it work. While my remote developer status will be coming to an end soon, here are the five key things that have helped me be successful. Continue reading “Five Tips for Remote Developers”


Initial Impressions: Visual Studio for Mac

While there was a premature leak earlier this week in the news, you can now officially download Visual Studio for Mac. While there isn’t much you can necessarily say in one day of poking around, in addition to the fact that this is a “preview” app, here are a few initial impressions on it. Continue reading “Initial Impressions: Visual Studio for Mac”


Soup to Nuts: Access VMWare Fusion .Net Apps from Your Mac

I typically spend at least half of my day developing .Net apps from within Visual Studio on a Mac. I do this thanks to the power of VMWare Fusion. Most of the time I run my tests in Blisk or Edge, but there are times where I need to verify functionality in Safari without pushing my code up to a test server. While access isn’t immediately available, here are the steps you need to make it happen. Continue reading “Soup to Nuts: Access VMWare Fusion .Net Apps from Your Mac”

Azure Wallpaper

How to Download All Containers and Blobs in Azure with PowerShell

PowerShell to the rescue once again! A week back I needed to create an archive of all of the video content processed by Azure Media Services (AMS). While I have used my trusty Azure Storage Explorer tool in the past, it only allowed me to deal with one container at a time. AMS is structured so that each new job that was created stored it’s files in a new container, which made manually grabbing 250+ containers named with GUIDs rather difficult. Continue reading “How to Download All Containers and Blobs in Azure with PowerShell”


Plunging into NativeScript

Late last week I had the opportunity to sit in on a demo for NativeScript. It’s a platform that allows you to write cross platform mobile apps using the iOS / Android native code, which gives you a lot more speed and features than the “Hybrid” platforms / tools you may have heard about. I’ve been around long enough to have heard about a lot of platforms and even dabbled a few, but this is the first one that is starting to peek my interest over Xamarin… Continue reading “Plunging into NativeScript”