Quick Review: Norah Jones – Day Breaks

Being a long time Norah Jones fan, I pre-ordered this album as soon as my Amazon credits would allow me to. 8^D I was teased / tortured by a few early releases of “Carry On”, “Flipside”, and “Tragedy”and then had to wait for the rest. Today the full album has arrived and here’s the “two times through the album off the cuff short review”.


This album is a fabulous return to some of her original works, with her smooth, sometimes sultry, and jazzy feel I’ve come to love about Norah. Nearly all of the tracks have a laid back feel, except for “Flipside” which is pretty upbeat, and just might be my favorite. I’m torn between that “And Then There Was You”.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the newer Norah albums with the heavier “pop” feel they had, though I still listen to them. Day Breaks has me giddy for the early Norah days, especially when we get to hear her piano skills at the forefront on “Fleurette Africaine”. You won’t be disappointed by this purchase.

P.S. – The alto sax work on this album is amazing!


What are your 10 bits on the matter? I want to know!

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