Freeform Friday 7

Simply write about the first thing that comes to your mind …. NOW!

I have two new favorite commands in SQL Server, especially given the insane digging I’ve done in a huge database with oddly named columns and tables:

EXEC sp_fkeys '[Table_Name]'

This gem will give you all of the foreign keys for a given table, and what table they are referencing. Helpful when building things out or tracking them down.

Update: Looking for the opposite? Looking for the tables/keys that are referencing the table you’re inspecting, use this syntax

EXEC sp_fkeys @fktable_name='[Table_Name]'

That will flip the data around.

SELECT * FROM information_schema.COLUMNS WHERE column_name like '%[Column_Name]%'

Wondering where in the world the table that said column in a side referenced documentation / form is actually located at, this will find it for you. It also includes views.

Any other handy SQL Server tricks to share? 




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