Prayer Journal is now Prayer Odyssey

I guess I can consider myself serious about this when I finally register a domain name for it. Here’s the latest updates for the new domain. I hope you’ll sign up for the app and spread the word.



4 thoughts on “Prayer Journal is now Prayer Odyssey”

  1. Checked out your Prayer Odyssey site… I like it a lot! Keep up the good work. I stumbled upon your blog while searching for F2FS info. I’m also a Christian, Angular/MVC/C# programmer and long time Linux user, and I’ve enjoyed browsing your blog as you seem to have similar interests.

    1. That’s great to hear! Thank you for the encouragement. Feel free to sign up and contact me if you’re interested in doing some beta testing. Things are functional, I’m just swapping out to Angular Material for the web end of things since it looks better than my no-design skills 8^D

      1. I did sign up, and played with it a bit on my laptop and my Note 3. I really like it, and I think it looks great on mobile. Don’t sell yourself short on the design! Personally I think it has a nice clean look, and it’s user friendly.

        The only constructive criticism I would have is that I felt like the mobile screens shouldn’t be zoomable, and the bottom 3 buttons were hidden on me initially when my address bar was visible.

        Things are too crazy to promise any consistency with beta testing, but I’d definitely like to play with it more.

        Material is very cool. I just recently rolled out an Angular web project at work. I used mostly Bootstrap with one dialog written with Material. While I wasn’t thrilled about mixing the design frameworks, the functionality of the md-autocomplete was exactly what I needed for this.

        1. I appreciate your feedback! I noticed that issue as well with my buttons at the bottom once my display screen got a little too big, so that was part of the motivation to switch. I was using Zurb for Applications which I enjoy, but the Angular structure of it needs a bit of work. If you want to use the contact form and send me your e-mail, I’ll invite you to the beta group in the app. It’s mainly to test the “I’m praying for this” feature and to help security/display options when more people are involved. I’ll work on fixing that zoom issue as well. Thanks!

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