Random Pro Tips – Shoveling Snow

This is partially an excuse to have a picture of ducks in the snow (what?! they do that?! Yes they do!) but here are a couple quick “pro tips” I’ve come to find when digging your vehicle (and driveway) out of the snow…



Spend the $15 at Tractor Supply Company for a good pair of galoshes. They’ll keep your feet impervious to melting snow (even through those boots) and they are double effective when trudging through the mud during the rainy season. Just make sure to have some good wool socks too. Impervious to wet, yes. Impervious to cold, no.


It may mean getting up a little bit earlier, or potentially going out a little later, but if you can start shoveling before that first round of warm sun comes in and converts all that powder into ice block chunks of evil, then do it! The same amount of snow I shoveled took me 30 minutes as opposed to an hour because it was that much easier to move!

Do you have any tips? I’d love to hear them!


What are your 10 bits on the matter? I want to know!

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