Whats in a Name – Ideas Wanted

Some people like to name their vehicles, but I like to name my electronics [well, technically I name my vehicles too 8^D]. Maybe it’s because I’ve loved computers since I was a kid, or by giving them a name I mentally take better care of the devices, I’m not sure…

I typically name my phones after droids, since my first smartphone was indeed an droid. There was R4, then Whistler on my Windows Phone, and now IG-88 on my iPhone. With my new found love of Doctor Who, I named my 9” Nexus tablet K9. See what I did there?

My computers have been a little more profound. I’ve named them after philosophers or theologians. It could be because I do more work, or see the programming work I do as a creative process, who exactly knows. Aquinas, Boethius, and Kierkegaard have been recent incarnations of my computers.

Kierkegaard has served me well for nearly 5 years now. However, it’s starting to show it’s age with random app and system crashes and a very low battery life. Admittedly, part of the battery life is due to the SSD upgrade I gave it a couple of years back. The time has come and I’m fortunate (and quite giddy) to be having a new MacBook Pro with a maxed out 16GB of RAM and 1TB flash drive arriving at the end of the week.

What name shall I give it? I’m a little lost at this point. Do I pull out a new theologian/philosopher to use? Do I try a new route, such as Star Wars planets, Middle Earth locations, or something new?

Thoughts? Anybody? Bueller?


5 thoughts on “Whats in a Name – Ideas Wanted”

  1. I used to name my *things* as well. I have been naming my cars and computer — but not cameras, phones or tablet — for almost two decades. I generally pick names from Japanese Anime and science fiction movies. E.g my first car after graduate school was a Honda Civic named Tetuso. My second car, Acura Integra, was name Kaneda. Both names are from the same movie, Akira, by Katsuhiro Otomo.

    My computer were named after characters from the Matrix — Morpheus, Neo, Trinity, Dozer etc.

    A colleague of mine, we named our servers after coffee and cars — French Press, Espresso, Cafe au Lait, Cappuccino for Solaris servers, Mustang, Olds444, Viper etc. for HP-UX servers.

    Sometimes I re-used names. The current car, Honda Accord, is Tetsuo II.

    I have never named my Macs creatively — they are iMac just and MacBook. Maybe t’s time to start doing that again.

    How about naming your computers on fictional religious characters or names of creatures from movies.

    Gojira (Godzilla)
    From Pacific Rim: Hundun, Scissure, Knifehead, Mutavore, Leatherback, Otachi
    From Dune:

    House Atreides

    Vorian Atreides, the founder of the house; son of the Titan Agamemnon
    Estes Atreides, son of Vorian, twin of Kagin
    Kagin Atreides, son of Vorian, twin of Estes
    Miklos Atreides, father of Kean Atreides.
    Kean Atreides, father of Paulus, son of Miklos
    Duke Paulus Atreides, father of Leto I
    Lady Helena Richese-Atreides, mother of Leto I
    Duke Leto I Atreides, head of House Atreides
    Victor Atreides, son of Duke Leto and Kailea Vernius of Ix
    Lady Jessica, Bene Gesserit and concubine of the Duke; mother of Paul and Alia
    Paul Atreides, the Duke’s son
    Alia Atreides, Paul’s younger sister
    Leto, first son of Paul and Chani; died as a toddler
    Leto II Atreides, Paul’s son and twin brother of Ghanima
    Ghanima Atreides, Paul’s daughter and twin sister of Leto II
    Moneo Atreides, majordomo and result of the God Emperor’s breeding program; father of Siona Atreides
    Siona Atreides, daughter of Moneo
    Thufir Hawat, Mentat and Master of Assassins to House Atreides
    Gurney Halleck, staunchly loyal troubadour warrior of the Atreides
    Duncan Idaho, Sword Master for House Atreides
    Dr. Wellington Yueh, Suk doctor for the Atreides
    Ikonicre Atreides, majordomo to Leto II

    1. Oooh! Those are some good options! Thank you! I’m going to have to give that some deeper looks. A friend recommended some Lord of the Rings references, which was looking tasty too. 8^D

      1. I wrote my own blog post based on yours. I haven’t named my Mac. Them to change that. I post on a schedule so my post won’t be live for several weeks based on what else is already in the queue.

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