Something Old and New: Importing WordPress posts into Sitefinity

I can’t take too much credit for this, however, I made enough updates to the library that I felt it warranted a post.

If you’re migrating your blog from WordPress into Sitefinity, I’ve taken an existing tool (major HT to timw255) and modified it. I disabled some features with loading tags/metadata that caused errors. More importantly, I added the ability to have a “default” e-mail address, properly import the full image from the “thumbnail” images that WordPress typically uses, and cleaned up the summary field.

It’s on Github, so as they say, if you don’t like what I did, fork it and improve it yourself! 8^D

You can get the WordPress to Sitefinity tool here.



5 thoughts on “Something Old and New: Importing WordPress posts into Sitefinity”

  1. Nice job. The thing that makes importing tough is the extra fields added by WP plugins. They make each job just different enough to require changing that script.

    1. Agreed! With both platforms always under update, there are always small things to tweak. Thank YOU for writing the baseline code, it saved me a lot of time with my project!

  2. Hi … the tool helped us a great deal to migrate. All of the content, author, tags and categories imported seemlessly. But I am not able to see the thumbnail or the featured image assigned to the blogpost in WordPress in the Sitefinity post. Where should I look for it ? i can see the image being added into Sitefinity.

    1. I’m glad that worked for you! The featured image was something that wasn’t in the original code and I didn’t have time to update. If you want to fork it and add that feature, I’d love to pull it in!

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