Breaking the Triad

Well, I guess it was bound to happen, especially after I started blogging about becoming a “default” user.

For the past couple of year, I’ve enjoyed a “platform independence” by using a MacBook Pro laptop, Google Nexus 9 tablet, and Windows Phone 8 for my three main devices. I kind of went against my own thoughts about picking a platform that works for you and sticking to it. It also allowed me dive a bit deeper into the various platforms to see their offerings and strengths.

Soon things will be a little less diverse. By the end of the week I’ll be dropping my Windows Phone for an iPhone 6.

Oddly enough, the leading reason is availability. I’m on Verizon, which has given us great service, but the number of Windows Phone devices available has dwindled to one Lumia model and an odd ball one. Both are rather old. I had scoured down a Nokia Icon through Amazon, but with the model already a year or so old, I was a little wary that it wouldn’t last 2 years. My HTC 8X is barely holding on.

The second reason, and one that has been growing, is the “handoff” integration that is available between the phone and the laptop. I do most of my work from home, and having the ability to sync up text messages/phone calls from the phone to the laptop will be a time and resource saver. I can potentially use the full laptop as a “speakerphone” for some of my conference calls. Plus moving files back and forth as needed looks to be nice. I had an iPod Touch back in the day, but it was mainly for music and a few games. This will be my first “deep dive” into the iOS environment and it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

So there ya go, life is getting a little “simpler” potentially and new tech journeys to discover. Oh, and my wife is getting a Google Nexus 6. I’m rather excited for her too 8^D


8 thoughts on “Breaking the Triad”

  1. As someone who is all in on the apple eco-system I found handoff and the continuity features as game changes. To have your phone in a different room and being able to answer your phone calls on your computer without getting up. As you mentioned having all your SMS coming to your computer.

  2. I like SMS on my iMac, and notification that a cell call is coming in when I don’t have the iPhone nearby. I’m all Apple now, I do not miss Windows at all.

    Is there a Windows phone? :-) Yours may become a collectors item.

    1. hehe, yeah, Windows Phone is still pretty active, especially since Microsoft bought Nokia a little while back. I’ll admit I’m a little sad I won’t get to see all the Windows Phone 10 enhancements, but it isn’t the end of the world either. 8^D

  3. After decades of Windows and Linux I bought my first Mac in 2005. Soon after that I dumped everything that was not Mac — except for some Linux servers — and I have never regretted my decision. Instead of arguing about closed versus proprietary I could just get shit done.

    1. I could potentially go “full Apple” if it wasn’t for the .Net development I need to do, hence the VM for Visual Studio, but who knows, with the latest updates that Microsoft is doing to go open source and have .Net available on many platforms, that could change.

        1. Indeed it is, and it’ll be interesting to see what happens moving forward. The Xamarin platform (designed to easily build cross platform apps using .Net) has some tight integration with Visual Studio as well as being it’s own thing. I’ll have to see what the Mono path moving forward is. Mono always was a subset of the full .Net Framework, so maybe we’ll get more features this way.

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