That First Song

What was that first song that got you completely hooked on a particular artist or genre? For me, dance/house/techno grabbed me at a high school dance back in ’93…

It was my sophomore year in high school at the winter dance. I was there with the usual gang of friends enjoying a night out. We were having a great time as the music played and then something caught my ear…

…wait, is that The Count?! From Sesame Street?! At a high school dance?! [admittedly he is my favorite]


The thunder claps and the familiar opening melody begins.

…but then, the beat comes in! At this point you can’t help but dance! This fusion of nostalgia and great dance music is overwhelming!

Then a few mixes come in, a few tweaks of the melody, and I was hooked. Forever.

I don’t think I heard that song again for quite a while after that, and it took me even longer to track down my own copy, but after that I had my own personal quest to seek out and enjoy this kind of music wherever I could find it. It was slim pickings at first (there was none of this Internet/Spotify stuff) but I bought what I could muster, and listened whenever I could find a random radio station playing it.

Curious? Take a listen below and try not to dance. 8^D

What about you? What was that one song that completely grabbed you into a particular artist or genre of music? Powerful stuff, isn’t it?!


What are your 10 bits on the matter? I want to know!

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