Quick Tip: Creating Outlook Templates for Mac

As a remote worker, I keep in touch with my colleagues by way of the “daily virtual standup”. This is a short and sweet e-mail that outlines what I did yesterday and well as what I’m going to do today. Oddly enough, Outlook for Mac does not have a mail template that I could create to send these out faster! So here’s a quick trick I use as a workaround…

You can make your own e-mail “templates” by simply hacking up a signature. Do the following:

1. Start a new e-mail message. Enter the default text that you want.

2. Hilight the entire message (or use CMD+A) and copy it to the clipboard.

3. Click the Signatures button in the ribbon and select Edit Signatures:

4. Click the + button to add a new signature. Paste in your content, then click the “Untitled” section and rename your signature:

That’s it! Close the window and next time you create a new e-mail message, you can simply select the template from the signatures section and you’re all set!

Hope this helps!

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13 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Creating Outlook Templates for Mac”

  1. That’s brilliance! Thanks pal!

    Brilliant for you, SHAMEFUL that Microsoft has NEVER implemented such a simple and powerful solution themselves…

  2. Great and totally usable idea. I cannot believe MS does not have a template feature in Outlook 2016 for Mac. We are red-headed step children in their eyes! Thanks very much.

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