I’d give my right arm to be ambidextrous.


Quick Review: Norah Jones – Little Broken Hearts

Norah Jones Little Broken Hearts Cover

My wife and I are HUGE Norah Jones fans. She has this soulful sound that is truly unique to her. While her voice sometimes seems light and soft, it is ALWAYS full of strength. I was extremely excited to see that her new album is coming out in a month. I was even more excited that for a limited time you can listen to the entire album online for free here (thanks NPR!). I’m no music critic, and I’ve only been through the album about three times in the last day, but I figured I’d have to share some quick thoughts. Continue reading “Quick Review: Norah Jones – Little Broken Hearts”


Quick Tip: How to Download a File from Amazon S3 and Prompt the User Using .Net

Quick Tip

Amazon S3 is a wonderfully simple and powerful way to have mass storage at your disposal in the cloud. Amazon provides a wonderful SDK with great examples on how to do the common tasks. However, I ran into one issue I didn’t see an example for, and spend the better part of a day piecing my way though. How do download a file from S3 using a web application and prompt the user on what to do with the file. Continue reading “Quick Tip: How to Download a File from Amazon S3 and Prompt the User Using .Net”

Island Set Cover

The Top 10 Island CD Disc Mix

Island Set Cover

I’ve been archiving my music as of late, re-ripping some old discs and using the “randomizer” to pull up some old classics. I realized that I have A LOT of music. I’m sure nowhere near what others have, but I think iTunes told me one time I have a weeks worth of music to work with. So then I had a random thought. What if I crashed on an island, like on Lost, and there was a mysterious car that had a 10 disc changer built into it (Hmm, some of my readers might not know what that is, but that’s how we had “bulk music” before iPods 8^D). What would be the 10 albums I want put in there for me (since the island is mysterious, it knows me quite well)? Here’s the list I came up with, in no particular order:

Continue reading “The Top 10 Island CD Disc Mix”