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My wife has been working VERY HARD over the last few months putting together book reviews, and gluten free recipes. A lot of this is reflective of the passions in her life. Today I’m proud to announce that she has a couple of domains launched to support these blogs!

Literary Addiction – Book reviews on a wide variety of topics. My honnie was nice enough to even let me post my Hunger Games Review there.

Baking For You – Dedicated to Gluten Free living. Recipes, tips, ingredients, and more!

Go check them out and spread the word! I think you’ll enjoy them immensely!


How to Rip CDs using Clementine for OSX

Clementine Logo

Lately I’ve become a big fan of the Clementine music player. It’s free. It has some great features. It’s based off of the well known player Amarok and it has both Mac and PC versions. The one thing that it currently doesn’t have is the ability to rip CDs to your collection. Actually you there IS a way to rip CDs in Clementine through the magic of … no, not TV … transcoding. Continue reading “How to Rip CDs using Clementine for OSX”


Soup to Nuts: Getting Your Android Emulator to Read Virtual Hosts on your Development Machine

ADV Results

So you’re setting up a new website, and need to test out your mobile functionality. Sadly you don’t have a development server in which you can push everything up to and test that way. Instead, you need to take the “localhost” route. In addition, you do a lot of web development, so you have your websites setup using virtual hosts in Apache. So to get your site, you type in something like “demopyrocms.localhost” to access your individual sites. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to do to get everything running smooth.
Continue reading “Soup to Nuts: Getting Your Android Emulator to Read Virtual Hosts on your Development Machine”


Developer Nirvana: The OSX / VMWare Fusion / Visual Studio 2010 Amalgamation

OSX Win7 Fusion
Yep, quite a lot of mayhem going there...

I mentioned a little while back that my job has ben jumping through a lot of different environments in order to get my work done. I’m doing PHP development in OSX to be on the same page as the my fellow developers. I also do .Net development for some of the clients we have. Previously, I’ve been working in a dual boot environment, swapping between two OSes as needed and relying on cloud life. Sometimes this doesn’t work out the best. Continue reading “Developer Nirvana: The OSX / VMWare Fusion / Visual Studio 2010 Amalgamation”


Top 5 Looney Tunes

Looney Tunes

Yeah, you know and love them. Our kids are just starting to go through the our collection on DVD. There’s something about the simple anvil on the head that appears to the kids and the verbal banter that appeals to the adults. Then again, I like a good anvil dropping myself. That said, I was reflecting upon all the episodes that have gone through my head and these are the five I consider my favorite. Continue reading “Top 5 Looney Tunes”


Kanned Tomatoes: A Kanban / Pomodoro Way of Getting Things Done

Pomodoro Kanban

Edit: I’ve finally built a tool to integrate Trello and Pomodoro! Check out Trellodoro.

I’ve been a big fan of personal kanban for a while now. I even have a couple articles about my journeys in kanban land. Kanban gives me a great way of seeing what I’m doing, what is waiting for feedback from others, and what I need to do. However, lately I’ve been getting rather scattered in actually accomplishing my various tasks. To remedy this, I decided to try out a little something I read about a while back, the Pomodoro Technique. Continue reading “Kanned Tomatoes: A Kanban / Pomodoro Way of Getting Things Done”