Lifestyle Management

Lifestyle Management Reloaded

Lifestyle Management

A couple of years back, I wrote a blog series about how to do “lifestyle management” online. Sadly my long time management source Threadsy (I will miss you severely) is closing it’s doors tomorrow, so it’s time to tackle this issue anew.

Here’s the problem. While I believe I have more “geekish tendentices” than most folks, I think most of us out there have a Facebook account, dabble a little in Twitter, have one (or more) e-mail accounts, and probably follow a few blogs of their friends (or news makers) and use some kind of RSS reader to handle that. The tricky part is how to handle all of this without having 8 web pages open on a daily basis. Way back in time, I was using an e-mail client for my Hotmail account, Firefox to read my Gmail online, a client based Feed reader for my news sources, and of course a couple more browser windows to access Twitter and Facebook. If I ever wasn’t on my main computer, I’d lose access to one of these features. It wasn’t the end of the world, but each source of information is important to me in different ways, and I like to be able to see it.

Currently I’m using a combination of Threadsy for e-mail/social networking and Netvibes (in “Reader Mode”). Now that Threadsy is closing it’s doors, it’s time to find something to fill it’s place. However, I think instead of simply finding something to fill it’s shoes, it’s time to take a fresh look at everything. Technology is a jack rabbit hyped up on coffee, and moves insanely fast. 2 years ago Twitter was still pretty new to the game in terms of recognition, and adoption. Facebook was becoming a well known name, and the Chrome browser was only about a year old. Smart phones were not as prevalent as they are now, and people never had even heard of HTML 5. I point all of this out to say that the playing field, and environment in which to leverage technology in, is quite a bit different. I think all but 2 of the solutions I looked at 2 years ago closed their doors.

So let’s start from scratch here. What do you use for your own “lifestyle management”? I’m sure I’m missing something great out there and want to know about it! I’ll show you what I’ve found over the next few days and hopefully there will be something worthwhile.


10 thoughts on “Lifestyle Management Reloaded”

  1. I use Google for all of it…google reader, calendar, gmail, tasks, google+, etc etc.

    twitter i dont mess with anymore as it annoys me. facebook i just check on occassion and let updates get emailed to me/on my phone.

    gmail can handle other email accounts as well, so you can pop everything through there (and have it auto labeled with the account name when it comes in so you know what account it is) and send mail out with it as well, etc etc.

    1. I’ve seen that mentioned in a few other places as well, tagging your Gmail with the various accounts. One person went so far as to setup a second Gmail account to be purely the “aggregator” account so that the main Gmail account could remain “pure”.

      Do you use iGoogle to try and combine the mail/reader/etc. onto a single page, or just click around to the various sections within Google?

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