Fold Zandura Cover
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Song of the Week: Serena by Fold Zandura

Fold Zandura Cover

When I started college, I was going through an expansion in my musical preferences. Fortunately for a poor college student, a lot of Christian labels would release “demo” albums that easily featured 20 songs by 10 of their artists, and sold them for about $2.99 each. They hoped you would find somebody to buy a complete album of, and I got some new music for cheap. 

On one of these particular albums I stumbled across the song “Serena” by a group named Fold Zandura. It’s still hard to describe precisely what keeps me coming back to this song, even a good 15 years later, but there’s a combination of electronics, lyrics, melody, and a slow beat, that is almost haunting in a good way with the song.

Sadly I can’t seem to come across any of their albums anymore, so if you know where I can find them. Let me know. Enjoy!!!

3 thoughts on “Song of the Week: Serena by Fold Zandura”

  1. This is the only FZ song I don’t have. I would love to hook you up with the stuff you can’t buy anymore. Make sure you pick up ‘Ultradust’. It was released on BEC and it remains one of my all-time favourite albums. Pop brilliance!

  2. You can find UltraForever on iTunes. Sadly there’s only one track that isn’t shared with that album that seems to be available there.

    Apparently you can also purchase “King Planet” from their Myspace page, but annoyingly enough the songs from re:turn aren’t available. :/

    There appear to be a few copies of various FoldZan albums on at this point, as well.

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