A “Fresh” Start

Fresh Consulting

It has been a busy and crazy road for me the last few months. Between Qakbot slaying and app writing, I’ve also been working on reading up on the latest HTML5/CSS specs (hence the book reviews), working on an iPhone app, and working some side projects that have kept me up late at night.

I’m please to share that some of this hard work has paid off in the form of a career move for me. 

Starting June 1st I’ll be working with a company based out of Bellevue, Washington called Fresh Consulting as one of their developers. I had started doing a side job for them, and was really impressed by their approach to collaboration and development of web solutions within the scope of the new social media and other factors that are at play today. They do a great job of blending the technical, the business, and the marketing angles involved.

The team is small, but growing, and there are some great projects on the horizon. In addition, I am going to get to work from home, with a trip up to beautiful Washington once a month to collaborate with the team in person and potentially sit in on meetings with clients.

I am EXTREMELY excited for this opportunity to get involved with some “fresh” tech, as well as work from home and continue to progress in my software craftmanship. It is always hard to leave one team for another. The folks at the county are a great team, and I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from them. They will be missed.

Thanks for reading and thank you Fresh Consulting. I won’t let you down!!!


4 thoughts on “A “Fresh” Start”

  1. Wow! What’s the county gonna do without you!!??
    Well…you’ll have to tip me in to what kinda work you’ll be doing for the new job.

    And maybe, just maybe, drop by sometime….a layover at PDX or somethin’ hehe…
    Congrats brotha!!

    1. Thanks dude! I was immediately thinking of you and how close you’d be when I fly up there. By in large I’m doing the same thing I’ve always been doing, writing web apps and helping folks make their web visions come true, but now I get to work with some more contemporary languages such as Ruby and Python, and deal with some newer tech and the Web 2.5 (we’re really close to 3.0 world now aren’t we? 8^D) world.

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